35 Thoughtful Gift Basket Ideas (2024)

The holidays are coming up — which means the overwhelming task of finding the perfect present for each family member is looming ahead. Gift baskets are an easy and affordable gift idea that will leave your loved ones feeling special and appreciated.

35 Thoughtful Gift Basket Ideas (1)

They are great because you can personalize each basket to tailor to a specific event, personality, or time in someone’s life. Although gift basket ideas really come in handy during the holiday season, they are also great gift ideas to keep in mind throughout the year. The following list contains 35 thoughtful gift basket ideas that will make perfect gifts.

Best Gift Baskets of 2022:

35 Cool Gift Basket Ideas for This Season

1. Sunshine Gift Basket

35 Thoughtful Gift Basket Ideas (2)

I’m not sure anyone would argue with the fact that times have been rather tough lately. This is why I love the idea of a sunshine gift basket from Melly Moments. This basket is meant to brighten your loved one’s day. Creating this basket full of sunshine is super easy because all you need to do is find yellow items from your local store! The basket shown was made entirely from the dollar section of Target — even the cute little basket itself. This basket could be used for a refreshing Christmas gift, a birthday gift, or even a “get well” gift. Everyone needs a little bit of sunshine in their life!

2. Self-Care Basket

35 Thoughtful Gift Basket Ideas (3)

This self-care basket by The Rising Spoon is a great way to show someone that you care about them. This basket is super easy to make using items that you can find at your local drugstore. Find a small basket and fill it with items that you feel will make your loved one happy. Self-care looks different for each individual, so carefully pick out items that you feel will promote the wellbeing and happiness of your loved one.

3. Family Game Night Basket

35 Thoughtful Gift Basket Ideas (4)

This fun basket from The DIY Mommy is perfect to bring the family together for an epic game night! You don’t necessarily need to use a tin, but it’s a very unique approach to a gift basket. Place some fun games in your basket of choice, add a few snacks, and let the good times roll!

4. Housewarming Basket

35 Thoughtful Gift Basket Ideas (5)

Do you want to do something a little more creative than bringing your friend a bottle of wine or a plant to their new home for a housewarming gift? This gift basket idea from Angela Marie Made is the perfect creative spin on the average housewarming present. She opted for a rustic-looking basket, before filling it with shredded kraft paper filler from the Dollar Store to give the basket some volume. She then placed a pretty plant, a small decor item, a stylish dish towel, and some nice soap on top to create the perfect housewarming basket that anyone will enjoy.

5. BBQ Basket for Him

35 Thoughtful Gift Basket Ideas (6)

If you’re having a difficult time finding the perfect present for one of the important men in your life — look no further. This BBQ Basket from Passion for Savings is technically supposed to be a Father’s Day gift, but no one is stopping you from making this cute idea your own. Fill the basket with yummy sauces, different seasonings, a lighter, and some grilling essentials used to cook those delicious steaks or burgers that he likes to grill and you like to eat.

6. Mommy Survival Kit

35 Thoughtful Gift Basket Ideas (7)

This mommy survival kit from Our Crafty Mom is a thoughtful way to show a hardworking and tired mom that you’re thinking of her. While this kit is actually supposed to be for a new mom, moms with children of all ages need some love too. This kit is filled with a few great essentials that any mom would love, like a candle, a soft blanket, linen spray, a sugar scrub, lotion, hand sanitizer, fuzzy socks, a giftcard for coffee, and Advil.

7. Nacho Average Teacher

35 Thoughtful Gift Basket Ideas (8)

This teacher appreciation gift basket from See Vanessa Craft is a fun way to thank a teacher for all that they do. The great thing about this option is that it has a really fun theme with free printables — and who doesn’t love nachos? This idea is a really cute and simple way to show a teacher that you care.

8. Coffee Lovers Gift Basket

35 Thoughtful Gift Basket Ideas (9)

This coffee lovers gift basket by Happy Go Lucky is perfect for the person who runs on caffeine. This basket includes a Keurig 2.0 to go with it, but we’re not suggesting that you need to spend a lot to make a special gift basket. If your loved one already has a Keurig, then you could easily follow this format of the coffee lovers basket by filling it with coffee pods and delicious toppings. If you know a coffee lover who prefers the more traditional way of brewing coffee, you could find yummy coffee grounds and toppings to make your own version of a coffee lover’s basket. Perhaps you even throw a french press or a cute decorative sign in there to make the basket complete!

9. Hot Cocoa Gift Basket

35 Thoughtful Gift Basket Ideas (10)

When the weather outside is frightful, wrapping up in a blanket and sipping a cup of hot cocoa will certainly make anyone feel delightful. This hot cocoa gift basket from The TomKat Studio is a cute holiday gift that takes minimal effort. Grab a ceramic mug or two, a couple of candy canes, marshmallows, chocolate syrup, and hot cocoa mix before placing the items in a basket of your choosing. If you’re in a crunch before the holidays, why not make this gift basket idea your theme and pass them out by the masses?

10. Gamer Basket

35 Thoughtful Gift Basket Ideas (11)

We all have that one person in our lives that absolutely lives and breathes video games. Usually, they appreciate a giftcard that they can apply to their favorite game. Maybe they even ask you for a specific game they’re dying to have. This gamer basket from The Dating Divas is a great way to add a little flair to the gift you plan on giving to your favorite gamer. Placing some snacks and soda in a basket with a game really does add a personal touch to the gift that they’re asking for every year.

11. Sangria Kit in a Jar

35 Thoughtful Gift Basket Ideas (12)

This sangria kit in a jar from Fantabulosity will ensure that your loved one has a very boozy holiday season. It’s a really fun gift idea that’s both aesthetically pleasing and easy to make yourself!

12. Gardener’s Gift Basket

35 Thoughtful Gift Basket Ideas (13)

For the person with a green thumb, The Merry Thought has a great gardener’s basket. This gift basket will feel like the most thoughtful gift for the person who absolutely loves to garden. Just fill a cute basket with some seeds, gloves, a plant they’ll love, and a gardening book.

13. Baking Gift Basket

35 Thoughtful Gift Basket Ideas (14)

This baking gift basket from Dreaming in DIY is an adorable gift for someone who loves to spend most of their time in the kitchen whipping up a new cake recipe or some yummy cookies. This gift basket is a batter bowl that has all of the supplies needed to make a mouth-watering holiday cake. The specific basket pictured does not include any cake mixes, but the probability of you getting a piece of delicious cake only increases if you provide all of the necessary supplies to make that tasty treat.

14. Christmas Sundae Gift Basket

35 Thoughtful Gift Basket Ideas (15)

This idea from Bloom Designs will bring the whole family together for some delicious holiday fun. While this is technically a gift box, it serves the same purpose as a gift basket. You could even throw the fun cups, cones, and toppings into a cute basket, and voila! All they’ll need is the ice cream with this perfect gift basket the whole family will enjoy.

15. Date Night in a Tin

35 Thoughtful Gift Basket Ideas (16)

Are you ready to spice things up? This gift basket from The DIY Mommy is great for your date night at home any time of the year. It’s super easy to make and your significant other will definitely appreciate the effort. Simply place some of your special someone’s favorite snacks, a bottle of wine, a candle, some slippers, and maybe a movie inside of a basket or tin to create the perfect date night in.

16. Tackle Box Craft Kit

35 Thoughtful Gift Basket Ideas (17)

This gift basket from Mama Papa Bubba is a super innovative way to make a craft box for your favorite crafter. This craft box is made from a tackle box — and it works so perfectly. Find a tackle box and fill it with different art supplies that your loved one will enjoy. It’s a functional and creative idea that any crafter will view as a thoughtful gift.

17. Movie Night Gift Basket

35 Thoughtful Gift Basket Ideas (18)

Are you on a budget but still want to create the perfect gift? This movie-night gift basket from Glitter on a Dime isn’t just for movie buffs, it’s a fun idea that everyone will enjoy. You can simply visit your local Dollar Store and stock up on some popcorn and sweets to fill the basket. This gift idea is not just a gift basket, but rather, it’s an experience that will promote quality time with the whole family.

18. Gift Basket for Him

35 Thoughtful Gift Basket Ideas (19)

Sometimes it’s hard to decide on one item that a special guy in your life would just love, but that’s where this idea from Hoosier Homemade comes in. This gift basket idea is really as easy as throwing all of his favorite things into a basket! Maybe he needs a few new tools, loves his snacks, or enjoys craft beers. Simply put all of his favorite items in a basket — he’ll love it!

19. Sports Gift Basket

35 Thoughtful Gift Basket Ideas (20)

This sports gift basket from Hoosier Homemade is a really fun gift for anyone who absolutely loves sports! The cute baseball-themed basket is actually very simple to make. Do you have any red duct tape lying around? Grab a white bucket and tape away! Then you can place items in the basket that you know they’ll love — maybe it’s their favorite snacks that they like to munch on during games or it’s their favorite team’s merch.

20. Color-Themed Basket

35 Thoughtful Gift Basket Ideas (21)

When in doubt, just pick their favorite color and figure it out! Color basket ideas from Finding Time to Fly make for a really easy holiday gift that is still personalized and adorable. Simply choose a specific color and fill the basket with a few things that are within your colored theme!

Gift Basket Ideas for Men

21. Slippers Gift for Men

35 Thoughtful Gift Basket Ideas (22)

There’s no denying that finding gift basket ideas for men can feel almost impossible at times. If your partner or another man in your life is still working from home, consider using a pair of cozy slippers as the base for their gift basket. It’s a fun way to offer them a main present of the slippers and then a few little treats to brighten up their day. Pretty Providence shares this fun idea which is quick and easy to make. Even if you’ve left creating a gift basket until the very last minute this Christmas season, you’ll find this won’t take you more than about thirty minutes to put together. What’s more, it would also be a great option for Father’s Day next year as well.

22. Man Food Goodies in a Jar

35 Thoughtful Gift Basket Ideas (23)

If you always find your partner looking out for snacks late at night, make them their own jar of goodies for Christmas this year. This is similar to the jar set we shared earlier, and it’s such an easy way to store the items you want to add to your gift basket. They can also use the jar after and place it on the side in your kitchen. The great thing about this idea from One Good Thing by Jillee is that you can fully customize this gift to meet your needs. You can work with any budget and add any type of food so that you’ve created the ideal gift for your husband this year. You’ll be pleased that you don’t have to go snack shopping ass well after the holidays are over, as he’ll now have his own dedicated snack supply.

23. Coca-Cola and Hot Cocoa Gift Basket

35 Thoughtful Gift Basket Ideas (24)

Anders Ruff gives us another fun gift basket idea for men, which uses an old Coca-Cola bottle holder as the base for your gift. If your partner or family member can’t get enough of Coca-Cola, this will be the perfect afternoon pick-me-up on a busy day at work. On top of that, they’ll find all of the goodies that they need to make hot cocoa on a cold night this winter. It’s a really fun and creative gift that will look great under the Christmas tree this year. You could gift this to anyone in your family, and we think teenagers will love it as well. It’s the perfect idea for those family members who are impossible to shop for, and it will be much appreciated by anyone who receives it.

24. BBQ Lovers Gift Basket

35 Thoughtful Gift Basket Ideas (25)

For anyone who is known to spend their spare time cooking up a good BBQ, this BBQ lovers gift basket from Lark & Linen offers a classy and fun gift basket for any man in your life. You’ll love that you can add any tools that you like to this gift basket, so you can spend as little or as much on the basket as you would like. Even if you aren’t very experienced at making gifts, you’ll be impressed by how quick and easy this one is to put together. We love how classy the basket looks in the wooden holder, and then it can be finished off with a festive ribbon for the holiday season. It’s another good option for Father’s Day too and will help to set them up for a summer full of BBQs.

25. The Handyman’s Gift Basket

35 Thoughtful Gift Basket Ideas (26)

If you are looking for a practical gift basket idea for someone who loves DIY, you’ll enjoy creating this handyman’s gift basket from Just Make Stuff. Just because you are opting to create a gift basket instead of giving one larger present for someone’s Christmas gift this year, it doesn’t mean that you can’t offer them something useful that they’ll enjoy using all year round. You can mix and match any tools and products that might come in handy for their latest DIY project, and it will offer them the inspiration they need to keep going and get the work done. You can decorate the bucket in any way that you like, or you could even take things one step further and present your gifts in a toolbox or organizer. It’s a great project to let your imagination go wild and create something unique to the recipient that they’ll love opening this holiday season.

Gift Basket Ideas For A Boyfriend

26. Candy Pop Gift Basket

35 Thoughtful Gift Basket Ideas (27)

Boyfriends can be just as hard to buy for as any other male member of your family, which is why we recommend a thoughtful gift basket for the holidays this year. This candy bottle set can be filled with literally any type of candy, so you can show how much attention you pay to your boyfriend when you gift them this fun set. It’s also a really colorful gift, so it will look great under the Christmas tree and then on the side in your kitchen. This would be ideal for gifting to someone at any stage of your relationship, and it’s a fun and nostalgic gift that they’ll be thrilled to receive. Check out Let’s DIY It All for more information and to get started with this gift basket project.

27. Gourmet Coffee Gift Basket

35 Thoughtful Gift Basket Ideas (28)

If your boyfriend can’t start his morning without a huge cup of coffee, you can’t go wrong with a gourmet coffee gift basket this Christmas. It would also be a great Father’s Day present, and you can mix and match the contents to fit their needs and the way in which they make coffee each day. It’s a great gift for anyone who travels regularly or who has a fancy coffee maker that always needs new pods. Ruffled Blog shares some great inspiration for making a coffee-themed gift basket, and we also appreciate the free printable they offer that will make your gift basket look really professional this year.

28. DIY Bar Kit

35 Thoughtful Gift Basket Ideas (29)

After a stressful day at work, there’s nothing better than coming home and mixing up your favorite co*cktail. Your boyfriend will love receiving this DIY bar kit, which you can add their favorite spirits and mixers to. It’s a fun bonding activity for you to do together this weekend, and you’ll find that you benefit from this gift basket as well. Style Me Pretty offers us many great ideas for gift baskets for the holiday season, but this co*cktail bar kit really stood out to us. Choose a fancy shaker and other accessories that they’ll enjoy using for many years to come and adding to their bar setup at home.

29. The Ultimate Commuter’s Gift Basket

35 Thoughtful Gift Basket Ideas (30)

Does your boyfriend drive to and from work each day? If they are sick and tired of their long commute each day, this ultimate commuter’s gift basket will help to make their car journey a little more comfortable and pleasurable. You can add various items that will spruce up their car and make the journey more relaxing thanks to the improved environment. You’ll also add a cup that will help them to keep hydrated on the journey. From there, finish off the gift basket with many of their favorite snacks, so they’ll never be left starving on their next journey to or from work. Check out My Frugal Adventures for this budget-friendly gift basket that any boyfriend would love receiving.

30. Movie Night Basket

35 Thoughtful Gift Basket Ideas (31)

Quality time is so important for your relationship, which is why this movie night basket from I Think We Could Be Friends will help your relationship to flourish and grow. It’s packed with all of the essentials for a grown-up movie night, including movies, popcorn, adult drinks, hot chocolate mix, and your favorite snacks. If you fancy taking things up a notch, you could even add a movie theater gift certificate or theater style boxed candy. The great thing about this gift is that you’ll also benefit from it as well, as you’ve set yourself up for a great date night in the comfort of your own home.

Christmas Gift Basket Ideas

31. Snow Day Survival Kit

35 Thoughtful Gift Basket Ideas (32)

If you live somewhere where you are likely to receive snow this winter, this snow day survival kit will set you up for the cold weather that’s approaching. The DIY Mommy shows us how to create this fun gift that’s ideal for a Christmas present for neighbors, teachers, or friends. It’s all packed into a pretty little tin, and it’s filled with gifts that a family who is stuck at home will appreciate to keep them busy and warm. Some great ideas to add to this gift basket include sugar cookies in a jar, hot chocolate mix, and chocolate spoons to create a luxury hot chocolate. It’s a great budget-friendly gift basket that you can make a few of without breaking the bank.

32. Cooking Gift Basket

35 Thoughtful Gift Basket Ideas (33)

We all have that one family member who loves to spend their spare time in the kitchen. Your family member or friend will love this cooking-themed gift basket, which is packed with ingredients and tools to help them perfect their cooking technique. Unexpected Elegance shares this beautiful gift set which will offer anyone in your family a fun night or two of cooking. We recommend theming it to their favorite type of food, whether that’s Italian, Mexican, or Chinese. You can add their favorite ingredients or splash out on fancy pasta and products they might not usually choose to buy with their weekly shopping.

33. DIY Spa Gift Basket

35 Thoughtful Gift Basket Ideas (34)

Is there someone in your family who always spends all of their time and energy looking after other people? If that’s the case, treat them to this DIY spa gift basket this Christmas season to look after themselves instead of wearing themselves out any further. You can add chocolates, beauty products, and bath products that will make them feel more pampered and relaxed after spending the last few weeks running around and looking after everyone else in your family. This gift basket from Clean & Scentsible includes personalized towels and custom spa labels, which will show how much you care about the person you are gifting this basket to.

34. Pancake Gift Basket

35 Thoughtful Gift Basket Ideas (35)

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and this pancake gift basket will set anyone up for a great day ahead while also offering them a fun activity to do at home. You won’t believe that this gift basket costs just $5 to make, but of course, you could add even more to it to upgrade the experience for the recipient of the gift. It’s a great option for teachers, friends, and extended family members who you want to buy a gift for, even when working with a tight budget. My Homestead Life shows you how to create this fun gift basket, which will impress anyone you give it to this year. The Dollar Store will be your best friend when creating budget-friendly gift baskets this year, and you’ll be impressed by how much you can get there without going over your holiday spending budget.

35. DIY Breakfast Gift Basket

35 Thoughtful Gift Basket Ideas (36)

Another way to treat your family and friends to a special breakfast this holiday season is with this DIY breakfast gift basket from DIY Network. This would be a great Christmas present, but it would also be perfect for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day next year. Your Christmas Day host will love to receive this, as it will give them a break from looking after everyone the next day.

Fill it with all of their favorite breakfast goodies, such as juice, bread, and granola. You can even add everything someone would need to make a full cooked breakfast, or waffle or pancake mix if they would prefer something sweet. You can make this gift basket as big as you’d like, so it could cater to a large family who needs breakfast after a busy Christmas. It’s another great gift basket to make on a budget, but you can spend as much or as little as you have on creating this Christmas gift for your family and friends this holiday season.

Gift baskets are a really fun and easy way to make a loved one feel special. The amazing thing about gift baskets is that you can tailor and personalize them in any way you see fit. They’re thoughtful gifts that never go out of style. I hope this list of 35 gift basket ideas gives you some inspiration to create a thoughtful gift basket for someone you love — I’m sure they’ll love it!

35 Thoughtful Gift Basket Ideas (2024)
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