51 Fun Galentine's Day Ideas Your Friends Will Love (2024)

It’s time to start thinking about Galentine’s Day ideas! That’s right, Leslie Knope’s favorite fictional holiday will be here before you know it. February 13 is the day to gather your gals together to celebrate friendship with festive flair.

The best Galentine’s Day ideas incorporate things your friends love into the day, like thoughtful Galentine's day gifts, a delicious meal or an adventure.

Ready to learn how to host a Galentine's Day party for the ages? Here are 51 Galentine’s Day ideas your friends will love!

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  • Galentine's Day Gift Ideas
  • Artsy Galentine’s Day Ideas
  • Girly Galentine’s Day Ideas
  • Adventurous Galentine’s Day Ideas
  • Active Galentine’s Day Ideas
  • Relaxing Galentine’s Day Ideas
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Foodie Galentine’s Day Ideas

1. Take a Cooking Class

For food-loving gals (and isn’t that all of us?), taking a cooking class together is the perfect Galentine’s Day party idea. There are cooking classes with the best chefs around the nation, from cooking classes in Baltimore to cooking classes in Austin. After doing some research on cooking classes near you, all that’s left to do is book a class! There are also online cooking classes if you’d rather gather your girls at home but still learn to cook from an expert chef.

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2. Book a Private Chef Experience

If you and your friends would rather sit back and enjoy a meal than take a part in cooking it, booking a private chef for your Galentine’s Day celebration may be just the pampering experience you all need. From private chefs in San Diego to private chefs in Chicago, there are many world-class private chefs near you to book for an elevated dining experience.

3. Take a Food Tour

Experience the unique flavors and hot restaurants hiding in your city on a food tour! When brainstorming Galentine’s Day ideas, do a quick search for food tours near you to discover what tours are available in your area. Midwestern gal pals could explore food tours in Milwaukee, and northeastern girls can take a trip to the city for food tours in NYC!

4. Host a Mixology Party

Gather your girls for an evening of making festive co*cktails together! Load up on rosé, Champagne and plenty of mixers for an evening of fun drinks and even more fun memories.

5. Challenge Your Friends to a Bake Off

Pick a dessert recipe (the more challenging, the better) and see which of your friends pulls it off the best! The best part about this Galentine’s Day idea? Enjoying the desserts together at the end of the evening! If you need some inspiration, we love this lemon blueberry pound cake, these walnut brownies and these chewy white chocolate chip cookies.

51 Fun Galentine's Day Ideas Your Friends Will Love (7)

6. Have a Wine Swap

Pull together some snacks and grab your favorite bottle of wine for a wine swap with your girls! Ask each guest to bring her favorite bottle of wine, then spend the evening sipping on your friends’ favorites and chatting.

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7. Charcuterie Night

Any respectable list of Galentine’s Day ideas needs a charcuterie night. Create a spread of different cheeses, jams, meats, and other accouterments to enjoy with appropriate wine pairings.

51 Fun Galentine's Day Ideas Your Friends Will Love (8)

8. Fondue Night

The options are endless when it comes to fondue night. Go savory with a pot of melty cheese and plenty of salty snacks for dipping. Or if you and your girls have a sweet tooth, get a chocolate fountain with cakes, fruit and more for a sweet treat!

9. Go Out to Brunch

Treat yourselves to mimosas and waffles (a classic Galentine’s Day idea a la Leslie Knope) for a Galentine's Day brunch.

51 Fun Galentine's Day Ideas Your Friends Will Love (9)

10. Take an Afternoon Tea

For a truly special Galentine’s Day celebration, book a table at a local tea room for an elegant afternoon tea with your Galentines. You’ll get to don your classiest day dresses for an hour of refreshment and friendship.

11. Go on a Coffee Date

Who said coffee dates are just for couples? Take a girlfriend or two out for an intimate Galentine’s Day celebration over coffee! This is the perfect time to take advantage of the cozy couches you’ve been eying at your local coffee shop and settle in to catch up for an hour or two.

51 Fun Galentine's Day Ideas Your Friends Will Love (10)

12. Go Out to a Fancy Dinner

No need for couples to own the fancy dinner idea; gather a few girlfriends to go out for a fancy dinner together to celebrate Galentine’s Day!

13. Host a Cookie Swap

For a sweet Galentine’s Day idea, throw a cookie exchange party. Assign each member of the group their favorite cookie to bake — chocolate chip, meltaways, oatmeal raisin, etc. Have them bring enough to give every person a sampling of what they baked, letting the whole crew leave with a delicious assortment of treats.

51 Fun Galentine's Day Ideas Your Friends Will Love (11)

Virtual Galentine’s Day Ideas

14. Book an Online Experience

If you’re on the hunt for interesting virtual Galentine’s Day ideas, an online experience could be the perfect fit. Gather over Zoom for online mixology classes to learn to make unique co*cktails. You could also hone your tasting palates together with a virtual whiskey tasting or virtual wine tasting night!

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15. Swap Galentines

This idea requires a little prep but has lots of sentimental impact. If your Galentines can’t be together this year, arrange a Galentine’s swap and ask every member of your friend group to send one another a sweet note for Galentine’s Day.

51 Fun Galentine's Day Ideas Your Friends Will Love (12)

16. Send Them Lunch

What’s better than a surprise food delivery? Show your Galentines how much they mean to you by arranging lunch to be delivered to them at their home or office.

17. Deliver Flowers

Surprise your Galentines with a flower delivery this Galentine’s Day. Use a flower delivery service to send a stunning bouquet right to their door, or create an arrangement yourself and drop it on their porch with a personalized note!

51 Fun Galentine's Day Ideas Your Friends Will Love (13)

18. Secret Cupid

Familiar with Secret Santa? Well, Secret Cupid is the same idea. For this Galentine’s Day idea, organize a gift swap between you and your friends. On Galentine’s Day, each Secret Cupid delivers a gift to her friend’s home!

Galentine's Day Gift Ideas

19. Nail Salon Certificate

Treat your girlfriends to an hour of pampering this Galentine’s Day with a gift certificate to her favorite nail salon.

51 Fun Galentine's Day Ideas Your Friends Will Love (14)

20. Coffee Gift Card

For a simple Galentine's Day gift idea, feed your best friend’s cappuccino obsession with a gift card to her favorite coffee shop.

21. Personalized Goodie Bags

This Galentine's Day gift idea will make your girlfriends feel so special! Create a personalized goodie bag full of her favorite things. You could include a personalized mug, favorite candy, a book you think she’d like...whatever would make her day!

51 Fun Galentine's Day Ideas Your Friends Will Love (15)

22. Valentine’s Cookies in a Jar

Gift your Galentine’s a sweet treat they can pull out at just the right moment! Fill a mason jar with all the ingredients she’d need to make sweet Valentine’s Day cookies.

Artsy Galentine’s Day Ideas

23. Paint and Sip Party

If you are looking for artistic Galentine’s Day ideas, find a local paint-and-sip studio to spend the evening. You and your Galentines will get to try your hand at painting on canvas while sipping wine. There are bound to be plenty of laughs as each girl’s artistic talent is revealed!

51 Fun Galentine's Day Ideas Your Friends Will Love (16)

24. Make Candles

Have some candle-lovers in your group? Give candlemaking a go for a fun Galentine’s Day activity! Find a candle-making studio in your area and attend a workshop together. You’ll learn about the process of candle making and get to make your own custom-scented candles.

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25. DIY Date

This Galentine’s Day idea is perfect for a group of friends who love crafting or getting their hands dirty. Gather your girls for a “DIY Date” to work on your works-in-progress together. Or, you could come up with a few crafts to try together as a group. Just don’t forget to provide plenty of snacks and beverages!

51 Fun Galentine's Day Ideas Your Friends Will Love (17)

Girly Galentine’s Day Ideas

26. Get Your Nails Done

If you’re getting your nails done as a Galentine’s Day activity, really go all out — book your appointments at a fancy boutique salon and enjoy the atmosphere, a special drink and your girlfriends.

27. Have a Spa Day

Invite your Galentines to a day at the spa! Book massages, facials and more for your crew at your favorite local spa and spend the day enjoying some pampering and one another’s company.

51 Fun Galentine's Day Ideas Your Friends Will Love (18)

28. Book a Hotel for a Sleepover

Why not have an elevated sleepover for Galentine’s Day? Book a hotel room and settle in for gossip, rom-coms and room service.

29. Have a Clothing Swap

For a free Galentine’s Day idea, host a clothing swap with your girls. Invite everyone to bring some clothing items they would like to part with, then shop one another’s closets as you snack on Galentine’s treats and chit chat.

51 Fun Galentine's Day Ideas Your Friends Will Love (19)

30 Go Thrifting

Hit up the local thrift store for a Galentine’s Day activity. Simply enjoy browsing the unique assortment of items, or challenge your friends to see who can score the best pieces at the lowest price.

31. Go Shopping

Indulge in some retail therapy this Galentine’s Day with your best friends and go on a shopping trip together.

51 Fun Galentine's Day Ideas Your Friends Will Love (20)

Adventurous Galentine’s Day Ideas

32. Karaoke Night

Hit the town for a night out at a karaoke bar with your Galentines! This Galentine’s Day idea is perfect for friend groups who aren’t afraid of getting out there. Sing, have a drink or two and prepare for many laughs as you each take a turn bringing down the house!

33. Have a Game Night

If your girlfriends love a friendly competition and a night in, board game night may be the best Galentine’s Day idea for them. Have your Galentines over for a cozy evening in competing to win board games, eating fun snacks and sipping on festive drinks.

51 Fun Galentine's Day Ideas Your Friends Will Love (21)

34. Drinks on the Town

Enjoy a classic girls night idea and go out for fancy drinks this Galentine’s Day! Gather your girls at your favorite bar, or try the new spot you’ve all been dying to visit.

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35. Bar Hop

Throwback to your college GNOs with a bar hop. Line up a list of bars and hit the town — or, go with the flow and see where the night takes you! This Galentine’s Day idea is not complete without a few festive boas or at least coordinated outfits.

51 Fun Galentine's Day Ideas Your Friends Will Love (22)

36. Take a Road Trip

Head out of town on a road trip with your best friends this Galentine’s Day. What better way to get in some quality time than cruising down the highway together? You could road trip to a fun city or head out to the country for a winter outdoor getaway. Just don’t forget to pack snacks and coffee for the road!

37. Go Bowling

Bowling alleys have become all-inclusive nights out, with full-service bars, great food and fun music. Find a new bowling alley in your city to host this year’s Galentine’s Day party, like Atlanta’s The Painted Pin or Nashville’s Pinewood Social.

51 Fun Galentine's Day Ideas Your Friends Will Love (23)

38. Visit the Aquarium

An afternoon at the aquarium is a unique way to spend Galentine’s Day that your friends will love! Stand in awe over nature’s amazing sea creatures, giggle at the penguins and feel spooked by the sharks as you wander the aquarium together.

39. Take a Swing at Topgolf

Play a round or two of golf-inspired games at Topgolf for a fun and competitive Galentine’s Day idea. Enjoy elevated bar bites and drinks as you see who has the best swing. Make it festive by bringing some Valentine’s decor to decorate your booth!

51 Fun Galentine's Day Ideas Your Friends Will Love (24)

40. Go to a Concert

Whether your Galentines live for screaming out lyrics at loud concerts or prefer more laid-back acoustic shows, attending a concert together for your Galentine’s Day party idea is sure to be a hit.

Active Galentine’s Day Ideas

41. Plan a Hike

Get some fresh winter air with this active Galentine’s Day idea — go for a hike! You’ll have clear views through the bare trees, and lower traffic on the trails because of the season. Cross your fingers for a sunny day, and plan for a picnic at the end of your hike!

51 Fun Galentine's Day Ideas Your Friends Will Love (25)

42. Go Sledding

Take advantage of the wintry weather and go sledding for Galentine’s Day! After enjoying the rush of sledding down a snowy hill, head to a favorite local coffee shop to warm up with a hot drink.

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43. Take a Stroll Around the Neighborhood

This simple Galentine’s Day idea is perfect for busy friends. There’s no need to plan anything — just enjoy catching up while you stroll around the neighborhood together.

51 Fun Galentine's Day Ideas Your Friends Will Love (26)

44. Try a Fun Exercise Class

For a Galentine’s Day party idea that doesn’t require sweet treats, try a fun exercise class with your Galentines! Whether you choose a dance class, barre workout or aquatic class, you’ll break a sweat and likely into a few giggles, too.

45. Relax With a Yoga Class

Help Galentine’s relax and refresh themselves by attending a yoga class together for Galentine’s Day. After an hour of zen time, you’ll all leave class feeling loose, centered and ready for the day.

51 Fun Galentine's Day Ideas Your Friends Will Love (27)

46. Fun Run 5K

A fun run is a great way to get some exercise in a fun environment. Food, music and the energy of the crowd is the perfect combination for an adrenaline-boosting run with your girls.

47. Volunteer Together

Give back to your community with this Galentine’s Day idea. See if one of your friends has a cause close to her heart, then spend the day volunteering for the cause.

51 Fun Galentine's Day Ideas Your Friends Will Love (28)

Relaxing Galentine’s Day Ideas

48. Take Polaroids

A quick, relaxing way to celebrate Galentine’s Day is to snap a few Polaroid pictures with your girls! Have a few friends over for a drink and pull out the Polaroid camera to capture your relaxing evening in just enjoying one another’s company.

49. Make a Photo Backdrop

It’s so easy to forget to take pictures with friends. To capture some memories, have your Galentines over to take pictures in front of a festive photo backdrop (think pink balloons, sparkly streamers, fun props). Add a few simple snacks, drinks and some music, and you have yourself a low-key party.

51 Fun Galentine's Day Ideas Your Friends Will Love (29)

50. Watch a Movie

Galentine’s Day is the perfect time to break out the Hallmark Channel for a cheesy rom-com binge with your best girls.

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51. Have a Sleepover at Home

The best Galentine’s Day ideas are the simplest — just have your Galentines over for an old-fashioned slumber party! Face masks, nail polish and sinful snacks are no-brainers.

51 Fun Galentine's Day Ideas Your Friends Will Love (30)

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Did a few of these Galentine’s Day ideas strike a chord? Now that you’re stocked up on Galentine’s Day party ideas, it’s time to get planning! The day to celebrate the friendship of the ladies you love the best is just around the corner.

For even more fun Galentine's Day ideas, check out other experiences happening on Cozymeal.

51 Fun Galentine's Day Ideas Your Friends Will Love (2024)


What to do at a Galentines sleepover? ›

A perfect occasion for a girls-only sleepover, the checklist includes pajamas, pillow, and blanket, an overnight bag, and a sleep mask. Activities like floral arranging, vision boards, board games, and spa night add to the fun.

What is the secret Cupid for Galentines Day? ›

Secret Valentine or Secret Cupid is just like Secret Santa. You and your friends write down your names and throw all the papers into a hat, a basket, a pan, whatever. Then each of you draws a name and gets a gift for that person. It's important that no one knows who drew who.

How do you throw the best Galentines? ›

Tips for a Galentine's Day Party with a Favorite Things Theme
  1. Make a Guest List.
  2. Send Pretty Invitations.
  3. Use Festive Serving Dishes.
  4. Decorate with Galentine's Day Decor. Balloons. ...
  5. Set Pretty Table Settings.
  6. Have a Small Gift for Each Gal Pal.
  7. Be Prepared for Photo Opps.
  8. Plan a Leslie Knope Approved Menu.
Jan 9, 2024

How do you throw a fun Galentines party? ›

Theme it up: Choose a theme that reflects your group's interests, like a pajama party, a spa day, a murder mystery night, or a "favorite things" exchange. Decorations: Don't forget the festive touch! Decorate with hearts, balloons, streamers, flowers, and photos of your gal pals. Think pink, red, and.

How to make Galentine's Day special? ›

Foodie Galentine's Day Ideas
  1. Take a Cooking Class. ...
  2. Book a Private Chef Experience. ...
  3. Take a Food Tour. ...
  4. Host a Mixology Party. ...
  5. Challenge Your Friends to a Bake Off. ...
  6. Have a Wine Swap. ...
  7. Charcuterie Night. ...
  8. Fondue Night.
Feb 15, 2024

What to do at a sleepover 13? ›

14 Fun Activities for a Sleepover for Teenagers
  • 1 Plan for a marathon (the movie kind).
  • 2 Get crafty.
  • 3 Get a crowd-pleasing game going.
  • 4 Play a nighttime game outside.
  • 5 Sleuth your way through a scavenger hunt.
  • 6 Host a murder mystery party guests will be dying to attend.

How do I host Galentines? ›

There are so many fun ways to celebrate Galentine's Day with your girlfriends—some of my go-to activities are spa nights, rom-com movie marathons, or game nights. You could also make it a gift swap and have each guest bring a book, a bottle of wine, or their favorite beauty product to exchange.

What is the bro version of Galentine? ›

What Is Malentine's Day? Malentine's day is a day for men to meet up and celebrate their amazing friendship. It is a happy, celebratory day, the male equivalent of Galentine's day.

Is Cupid a girl or a boy? ›

For the Romans, the character of Cupid was always a cherubic little boy who followed his mother's wishes to make people fall in love.

Who made up Galentine's day? ›

Instead, Galentine's Day was founded by a badass fictional character: Leslie Knope of Parks and Recreation. The friend-filled holiday dates back over a decade to season two, episode 16 of Parks and Rec.

What do you wear to a Galentines party? ›

And of course if you want to go very festive AND dress up, a pink dress is a great option! This one is incredibly comfortable, and can be worn with boots or heels or flats, or whatever you'd like. If you need it to be warmer, pair it with a light pink coat, or a red coat for a very Valentine-y outfit.

What is a Galentines party? ›

Sure, it might not be an official holiday the way Valentine's Day is, but it's a chance to celebrate the wonderful friendships you have with the women in your life, no matter how happily single, coupled or in-between relationships they may be.

What do you do on a girls sleepover? ›

Here are 30 things to do at a sleepover that are simple activities with minimal setup!
  1. Mani/pedis. ...
  2. Make-your-own face masks. ...
  3. Make paper fortune tellers/cootie catchers. ...
  4. Play "Truth or Dare" ...
  5. Take selfies. ...
  6. Have an ice cream sundae bar. ...
  7. Sing karaoke. ...
  8. Have a lip sync contest.
Nov 6, 2023

What should a 14 year old bring to a sleepover? ›

What To Bring to a Sleepover or Slumber Party
  • A Gift for the Host. Before you pack your own necessities, consider packing a little gift for the hosting friend. ...
  • Toiletries. ...
  • Beauty Items. ...
  • Extra Jammies, Undies, and Socks. ...
  • Phone Charger. ...
  • Sleeping Bag. ...
  • A Stash of Midnight Snacks. ...
  • Extra Cash.
Dec 29, 2022

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