Barbie Bash: TOP Party Activities 👠 (2024) (2024)

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If you are on a quest to throw the ultimate Barbie-themed bash in 2024 and are seeking a treasure trove of dazzling activities, you’ve just struck gold!

We’ve handpicked the crème de la crème of Barbie party activities, 23 in total, to elevate your event into a whirlwind of laughter, smiles, and pure Barbie fun.

Be sure to also check out all our fabulous Barbie party ideas, and download either our FREE Barbie “Let’s go party” printables or our FREE vintage Barbie party printables and use them to decorate your celebration!

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Immerse yourself in a world where creativity knows no bounds and where every doll gets to live her dream—because at a Barbie Party, the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination. Get ready to sparkle, laugh, and play; it’s time for a Barbie bash that’s nothing short of fabulous!

Reasons to Love These Barbie Party Activities

  • Interactive Fun: These activities provide interactive fun for kids, keeping them engaged and entertained throughout the party.
  • Creativity: The activities encourage creativity as kids get to design their own outfits, crafts, and even decorate their own dreamhouses.
  • Variety: There is a wide variety of activities to choose from, ensuring that there is something for everyone’s interests and preferences.
  • Memorable Moments: The joy of bonding with friends over fun-filled games and crafts in a Barbie-themed wonderland creates cherished memories for a lifetime.
  • Inclusive: These activities can be enjoyed by both boys and girls, promoting inclusivity and allowing everyone to participate and have a great time.

The 23 Best Barbie Party Activities

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1: Barbie Photo Booth

A Barbie photo booth is a fantastic party activity that brings an element of glamour and creativity to any event. It's an excellent opportunity for kids to express themselves through imaginative play.

For example, creating a life-size Barbie doll box as a backdrop for the photo booth adds an exciting touch, allowing kids to pose as if they were a real Barbie inside the box, instantly transforming them into glamorous models.

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2: Barbie Fashion Show

Set up a Barbie-themed runway for kids to flaunt their fashion choices and channel their inner Barbie dolls, complete with pink feather boas, tulle skirts, and stylish accessories.

This engaging activity encourages creativity and individual expression while adding an element of friendly competition with prizes for various fashion categories like 'most stylish' or 'most unique.'

It's a perfect way to let their imaginations and fashion sense shine.

A 'pin the bow on Barbie' printable is a fantastic party activity, bringing a delightful twist to the classic game.

Children can enjoy the excitement of a blindfolded, laughter-filled challenge as they attempt to pin the bow in the right spot, enhancing their spatial awareness and coordination.

This interactive and easy-to-set-up game brings joy and engagement, making it a memorable addition to any Barbie-themed gathering.

A Barbie pinata adds an element of thrilling surprise and entertainment to any party, captivating both children and adults alike.

It serves as a visually appealing centerpiece and brings excitement as everyone gathers to take turns trying to break it open and reveal the hidden treats and toys inside.

The vibrant Barbie-themed design enhances the party's atmosphere, making it a delightful activity that leaves lasting memories and a sense of shared joy.

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5:Barbie Inflatable Castle

Treat your guests to a fun pink, or white, bouncy castle, adorned with an amazing balloon garland, to add an extra dose of fun and excitement to a Barbie-themed birthday party.

It creates a perfect play area where little partygoers can bounce, slide, and have a blast.

The Barbie bouncy castle brings the Barbie world to life and ensures a memorable and enjoyable experience for all.

Our FREE printable Barbie bingo game is an ideal party activity for a Barbie-themed birthday celebration as it combines the excitement of bingo with the beloved Barbie universe.

It engages the young guests, promoting interaction and friendly competition, all while showcasing their favorite Barbie characters and elements.

This cost-effective and easy-to-set-up game adds an element of fun and entertainment

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7: Barbie Sleepover

Extend the fun by hosting a Barbie-themed sleepover party by setting up a cozy area with sleeping bags, pillows, and blankets. Decorate with plenty of pink and glittery decorations!

Arrange a variety of Barbie dolls, accessories, and games for the ultimate Barbie-themed fun, and top it off with a movie night featuring the new Barbie movie and lots of popcorn and snacks.

Don't forget to capture the memories with some adorable photos and a Barbie-themed breakfast in the morning!

Activity sheet placemats are great at keeping children entertained while they enjoy their meals or snacks during the party.

You can print out multiple copies of the sheet and place them on the tables as placemats for the kids to enjoy.

Don't forget to provide crayons or coloring pencils too!

Arrange an entertaining Barbie-themed scavenger hunt for your Barbie party.

Kids can choose to collaborate in teams or embark on the adventure alone, solving Barbie-themed riddles and finding concealed treasures thoughtfully positioned throughout the space, intensifying the thrill of the sleepover with an exciting blend of adventure and intrigue.

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10: Barbie Beauty Salon

A Barbie salon is a delightful party activity because it allows the guests to experience a mini makeover and feel pampered.

Setting up a Barbie salon involves creating a designated area with vibrant decor, child-sized salon chairs, and a range of nail polish colors, makeup, and hair styling tools.

The guests can indulge in a pampering session, painting nails, experimenting with makeup, and styling their hair, providing a playful and enjoyable atmosphere for the party.

Use this fabulous Barbie cookie cutter to bake a batch of cookies that your guests can decorate at your Barbie-themed birthday bash!

To set up a dazzling station provide colorful icing, edible glitter, and playful sprinkles to let your guests design stylish Barbie cookies.

It's not just decorating cookies; it's crafting edible glam that'll make your Barbie party the talk of the town!

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12: Barbie Dance Party

Prepare a vibrant, disco-themed dance floor and indulge your guests in a lively Barbie extravaganza of dance!

Inspire everyone to let loose and showcase their disco moves and grooves with the essence of Barbie, making this energetic disco dance party an unforgettable memory-making experience.

The high-energy beats and doll-inspired dance moves will ensure an evening of fun and fashion fit for any Barbie enthusiast.

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13: Barbie Glam Hair Makeover Salon

Create a dazzling Barbie Bust experience with a Glitter Glam Hair Salon at your party.

Little hairstylists can unleash their creativity by using washable hair chalks, vibrant extensions, and glitter hairsprays to give their Barbie busts a bold and glamorous makeover.

This hands-on activity not only fosters imaginative play but also lets kids express their unique sense of style, turning Barbie's hair into a sparkling canvas for creative expression.

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14: DIY Barbie Tutus

Engage the creativity of your little guests by providing a crafting station with an array of colorful tulle, ribbons, and gemstone stickers.

As they meticulously design their own Barbie-inspired tutus, not only are they making a fashionable statement, but they're also creating unique party attire for an impromptu fashion parade.

Your guests are in for a blast with a paint a Barbie canvas party activity!

It's not just about painting; it's a swirl of artistic expression mixed with a whole lot of Barbie-inspired fun.

Picture this: kids showcasing their wild creativity, splashing vibrant colors onto canvases, and then walking away with their personalized masterpieces – talk about turning a party into an unforgettable, paint-splattered adventure!

Transform your party into a kaleidoscope of creativity with the "Barbie Coloring Station," a surefire hit for budding artists.

Set up a designated area adorned with a vibrant array of Barbie-themed coloring pages, markers, and crayons, enticing kids to dive into a world of artistic expression.

This not only adds a splash of color to the festivities but also provides a captivating and inclusive activity where children can unleash their imagination.

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17: Barbie Doll Makeovers

Turn your Barbie celebration into a glamorous affair by setting up a dedicated "Barbie Doll Makeover" station.

Transform a table into a beauty haven, complete with washable markers, stickers, and an array of miniature accessories.

This hands-on activity empowers kids to unleash their creativity, giving their Barbie dolls a personalized and fabulous makeover.

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18: Gumball Necklace DIY

Your guests are going to love to step into a world of sweet creativity and dazzling accessories with a Gumball Necklace DIY—an absolute delight for your Barbie-themed extravaganza.

This charming activity combines the joy of crafting with the delectable allure of gumballs, promising a fun and edible keepsake for every little party attendee.

As kids enthusiastically string together their gumball necklaces, not only do they engage in a fun and interactive activity, but they also leave with a tasty accessory

Barbie Bash: TOP Party Activities 👠 (2024) (20)

19: Barbie Crafts Corner

Set up a crafting area with beads, sequins, and other materials for making Barbie-themed accessories.

As the kids create their own jewelry and crowns, they not only express their artistic flair but also have unique keepsakes to take home.

This hands-on activity adds a touch of personalized glamour to the Barbie celebration, fostering creativity and ensuring that the magic of the party continues long after the crafting is done.

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20: Barbie Face Painting

Immerse your Barbie bash in a burst of color and creativity with the dazzling Barbie Face Painting extravaganza.

Create a vibrant face-painting haven, offering little revelers the chance to embody their favorite Barbie characters with bold hues and whimsical designs.

This interactive and enchanting experience not only adds a kaleidoscope of fun to the celebration but also lets each child become a living canvas of Barbie-inspired magic

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21: Barbie Karaoke

*Set up a stage with a karaoke machine and let the kids showcase their vocal talents with their favorite Barbie tunes.

With feather boas and microphones in hand, this activity turns your living room into a stage for aspiring pop stars to shine.

They'll have a blast sing along tosongs from the Barbie movie, such as "I'm Just Ken", "What Was I Made For?", and "Dance The Night".

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22: Barbie Movie Night

Transform your Barbie party into a cinematic spectacle with a Barbie Movie Night—it's the perfect activity to enchant your little guests.

Gather the kids in a cozy movie-watching area adorned with blankets and pillows, setting the stage for a delightful cinematic journey through the captivating world of Barbie. Don't forget the popcorn and candy!

Who wouldn't love another go at watching the blockbuster Barbie movie!

Barbie Bash: TOP Party Activities 👠 (2024) (24)

23: Barbie Pool Party

Dive into a world of sun-soaked glamour with a Barbie Pool Party—a splash-tastic activity that turns your Barbie celebration into an unforgettable summer extravaganza.

Set up a pool area with vibrant inflatable toys and Barbie-themed decorations, creating a water wonderland for the little fashionistas.

This refreshing and lively experience not only provides endless entertainment but also adds a cool and glamorous twist to your Barbie-themed bash.

Barbie Party Activity FAQs

What is a creative way to capture memories at a Barbie party?

Setting up a Barbie-themed photo booth with props and costumes can be a creative way to capture memories and have fun posing for pictures.

Are there any interactive games for a Barbie-themed party?

Yes, interactive games like a Barbie scavenger hunt, where kids search for hidden Barbie-themed items, can add excitement and engagement to the party.

How can you encourage creativity at a Barbie party?

Encouraging creativity can be done through activities like a Barbie fashion design contest, where kids can design and showcase their own unique outfits for Barbie dolls.

How can I create a Barbie-themed atmosphere for a birthday party?

Decorate the party space with pink and purple balloons, Barbie posters, and tablecloths featuring Barbie’s iconic silhouette.

How can I make the birthday cake Barbie-themed?

Bake or order a Barbie doll cake where the dress is made of cake and the doll serves as a cake topper, or decorate a plain cake with Barbie-themed edible images.

What are some Barbie-themed party favors I can give to the guests?

Consider giving out Barbie stickers, Barbie-themed stationary, mini Barbie dolls, or personalized Barbie-themed goodie bags filled with small toys and treats.

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Barbie Bash: TOP Party Activities 👠 (2024) (2024)
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