The Super Bowl Party Checklist You Didn't Know You Needed (2024)

The planning for a Super Bowl party has officially commenced as the biggest sporting event of the season is just weeks away. Hosting a Super Bowl party can go one of two ways; smooth with tons of sporty-like decorations, finger lickin’ foods, and fun banter with friends and family, or it can go the complete opposite. While there can be a lot of pressure on the host to successfully accomplishment a party, it’s not the end of the world. To calm your nerves, you need a Super Bowl party checklist. This will allow you to check off party essentials one by one, allowing you to stay cool, calm, and collected while party planning. If you’re going out on a limb and have decided to be the host for this year’s big game, then you’re in the right place.

With various types of foods (and booze) to choose from, must-have sporty decor pieces, and tips to make sure your party runs smoothly, H&T has curated a list of everything you need to be stamped the MVP host. Take a look below at the Super Bowl party checklist you didn’t know you needed to score big on your guests.

What’s on the Menu?

Let’s start easy. One of the main questions you’ll probably get leading up to the party is, “What kind of food will you have?” Your immediate reaction should be listing off different types of food they can expect. If you’re a little lost on where to start for your food menu, we got you. Of course, you don’t need all the items listed, but a variety of food is always appreciated by your guests.

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The main star of the show for any party is the food. You want to satisfy everyone and their picky (or not-so-picky) taste buds by providing variety. Include both finger foods and snacks. Serving a mix of items is key. From wings, two-topping pizzas, and cheeseburger sliders to chips and dip, meatballs, and fruit, each guest will be well pleased with a plate full. Don’t forget to consider your healthy or vegan friends when creating your menu.

Beverages (Alcoholic and Nonalcoholic)

The typical beverage choice for game days is beer, soda, or a tasty co*cktail. Beer, being the game day favorite, is what most people grab from the cooler. That said, stock up on beer and other cooler drinks, especially for those coming off of “Dry January.” Plan for 2 drinks per person within the first hour or so. Additionally, don’t neglect your non-drinkers. Add fruity soda, or sparkling water, or play your hand in creating a party mocktail.


Drinks will be flowing. Therefore, having plenty of ice will save you in the end. Get more than you think you’ll need. Keep in mind ice is being used for drinks and to keep drinks cool.

Party Essentials

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Now that you have an idea of your food menu, there’s more to do. There are must-have elements that make a party…well, a party. So, it’s important you make a good first impression. From decorations to extra seating, these essentials will be the next best element at your party.


When you think about decor for a sports event, it has to be just that. Try not to include decor pieces that don’t make sense. Consider inflatable mini footballs, football balloons, or confetti. Show your excitement through your serving ware such as napkins and utensils. You can also go big with banners and party streamers to really catch your guests’ attention. Leave the color scheme to the teams on the field. Order your decor in advance to save time on the day of.

Other Necessities

Make sure you have coolers or tubs to keep your drinks cool, plenty of napkins to wipe messy hands, plates, and bowls to eat on, and an area for guests to sit and enjoy the game. Extra seating will make or break your friends’ experience watching the game. If need be, remove your coffee table to allow more living room floor space in front of your television. Ask friends to bring over extra chairs if you run out. Grab extra napkins, plates, and cutlery for those who can’t resist the wings. Instead of risking your fine china, invest in sturdy paper plates.

Follow this checklist for an unforgettable Super Bowl party for you and your company.

The Super Bowl Party Checklist You Didn't Know You Needed (2024)
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