The Ultimate Galentine's Day Sleepover Guide (2024)

Galentine's Day, celebrated on February 13th, is an unofficial holiday for women and their friends. A perfect occasion for a girls-only sleepover, the checklist includes pajamas, pillow, and blanket, an overnight bag, and a sleep mask. Activities like floral arranging, vision boards, board games, and spa night add to the fun. A sleep-friendly charcuterie board, a tea bar, and a TikTok-inspired sleepy girl mocktail make for delightful eats and drinks.

If you haven’t heard of Galentine’s Day, it’s essentially an unofficial holiday celebrated on February 13th (or anytime before Valentine’s Day) by women and their gals.

It’s a day filled with things like rom-coms, sweet treats, and fun activities that allow you to spend time with your girlfriends and celebrate your special friendship. Not to mention, It’s the perfect excuse to host a girls-onlyadult slumber partyfor all the nostalgic feels!

This year, I drove out toDallasto have an early Galentine’s Day celebration with my old college roommates.If you’d like to host your very own Galentine’s sleepover party, or you’re attending your first one and don’t know what to expect, here’s our ultimate checklist for a successful girls’ night in and an even better night’s sleep.

The Ultimate Galentine's Day Sleepover Guide (1)

What you should bring to your sleepover


Is it even a sleepover if you don’t wearpajamas? Bring out the matching sets, the pinks and reds, and the fuzzy socks that’ll make you feel cute and cozy.

Pillow and blanket

While your host typically handles sleeping arrangements and bedding, bringing your favoriteblanketandpillowthat you know will help you get a good night’s sleep is totally acceptable. In fact, it’s recommended so you feel comfortable sleeping in a new environment!

Overnight bag

Makeup, next-day outfit, toiletries—you know the drill!

Sleep mask

Everyone has different sleep preferences, even your best friends! Some prefer sleeping with the light on while others don’t, so bring a

sleep mask

The Ultimate Galentine's Day Sleepover Guide (2)
Silk Eye Mask

Blocks out light for restful sleep while protecting the delicate skin around the eyes

so you’re prepared.

Pack these items for your Galentine's Day sleepover

Sweater Knit Blanket

Wrap yourself in indulgent comfort with the weighty yet breathable softness of our sweater knit blanket. 100% long-staple cotton gets softer with every wash.

shop now

Silk Eye Mask

Drift into dreamland with our sleep-enhancing eye mask made of the finest quality mulberry silk. It keeps light out for more uninterrupted sleep—no matter where you are.

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Activities you and the girls can do

Floral arranging

Why wait for a gifted bouquet when you can make your own? Floral arranging takes some simple bouquets from the grocery store—along with tissue paper, ribbon, and a little imagination—and creates the cutest DIY party favor. It’s also pretty relaxing to do too!

Vision boards

While vision boards are typically made in the new year season, February is the perfect time to create one if you haven’t already. A vision board is a collage of words, pictures, and symbols that showcase your 2024 goals (whether that’s to stick to a fitness routine or get better sleep) and motivate you to achieve them throughout the year. Grab your old magazines and newspapers, a board, some gluesticks, and scissors to craft the vision board of your dreams!

Board games

Every sleepover needs some good ol’ board games and card games to bond and de-stress. My friend group’s go-tos are UNO, Taboo, For the Girls, and Incoherent.

Spa night

Bring out the nail polish,face masks, andcandlesto relax, refresh, and recharge with your girls and get a good night’s rest. Nothing like getting some TLC in good company!

Create a “for the girls”music playlist

Every party needs music, and a Galentine’s Day playlist is the perfect way to allow everyone to listen to songs they like as well as bond over the songs you know. My friends and I made this R&B playlist to fill the evening with nostalgia!

Give Galentine’s Day cards

Tell the girlfriends in your life how much their friendship means to you with store-bought or DIY Galentine’s Day cards. (Warning: You might get some tears!)

Watch a movie or your favorite series

While this isn’t our go-to activity, we do love a goodBachelor(ette)episode or a Disney movie playing in the background to make the party vibe cozy and give the room that “lived-in” feel.

Presentlife-update PowerPoints

Adult friendships come with distance sometimes. I don’t live in the same city as my best friends and old college roomies anymore, and that can make it difficult to keep up with everything that goes on in our lives. That’s why life-update PowerPoints are the new thing as it’s the easiest (and fun) way to show everyone what they’ve missed.

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Eats, treats, and drinks you must have

Sleep-friendly charcuterie board

Charcuterie boards are a must at any event, especially during a sleepover! Not only are they good for snacking on throughout the night, but they can also help you have a great slumber. Here’s what we’re putting on ourcharcuterie boardto satisfy our cravings and get a good night’s sleep:

  • Candied walnuts, pistachios, tart cherries, grapes and strawberries (melatonin)
  • Cheese cubes and vanilla yogurt (calcium)
  • Salted cashews (magnesium)
  • Dried apricots (potassium)
  • Whole grain crackers and cheddar cheese slices (tryptophan)

Homemade vegan pizza and cauliflower wings

We know vegan pizza and cauliflower wings aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but the heart-shaped crust and red wing sauce bring all the G-Day vibes (and they’re so delicious too!). While any meal works for a Galentines evening, just ensure you watch out for excessivecheese, spicy, and carb-heavy foods!

Sleepy-time tea bar

Speaking of tea…set up ateabar with an array of drinks thattaste good, look good, and help you snooze even better. Examples of “cute and fun” teas with great sleep benefits include:

  • Butterfly blue pea tea
  • Lavender tea
  • Chamomile tea
  • Hibiscus tea
  • Banana tea

Can’t forget the add-ons! Prepare bowls with cucumber slices, strawberry slices, mint leaves, rosemary leaves, lemon slices, edible flowers, and honey to “decorate” your tea for Galentine’s Day.

Sleepy girl mocktails

Mocktailsare all the rage lately—and for good reason! My friend group isn’t one for alcoholic drinks, so for our Galentine’s sleepover, we’re opting for sleepy girl mocktails that are fun to make and will help us catch some Zs. While the mocktail recipes are endless and so hard to choose from, why not try theTikTok sleepy girl mocktail? It contains tart cherry juice and magnesium to help you snooze.


Whileexcess sugar before bedisn’t recommended, a little sweet never hurt anybody! I mean, the heart-shaped and colorful pastries are what Galentine’s is all about. My friends and I mix it up every year by displaying new desserts (typically trendy ones off TikTok or Pinterest) and our fan favorites. Here’s what we’ll be making this year:

  1. Heart-shaped cream danishes
  2. Dark-chocolate covered strawberries
  3. Mini berry cheesecakes
  4. Red velvet white chocolate chip cookies

Bonus tip for throwing the ultimate Galentine’s Day sleepover

While every friend group is different and every Galentine’s sleepover party will vary, the most important things off our checklist are to have fun, enjoy each other’s company, and create unforgettable memories with your girlies. Happy Galentine’s Day, y’all!

Photos courtesy of Gricelda Torres

The Ultimate Galentine's Day Sleepover Guide (2024)


The Ultimate Galentine's Day Sleepover Guide? ›

Activities like floral arranging, vision boards, board games, and spa night add to the fun. A sleep-friendly charcuterie board, a tea bar, and a TikTok-inspired sleepy girl mocktail make for delightful eats and drinks.

How do you do the ultimate sleepover? ›

Here are 12 awesome ideas to take your sleepover to the next level:
  1. #1: Make it Cozy. ...
  2. #2: Get Boozy With a co*cktail Contest. ...
  3. #3: Camp Out With S'mores. ...
  4. #4: Make Friendship Bracelets. ...
  5. #5: Build an Epic Fort. ...
  6. #6: Have a Bake-Off. ...
  7. #7: Bring Out the Good Snacks. ...
  8. #8: Break Out the Karaoke Machine.
Dec 2, 2022

How do you throw the best Galentines party? ›

35 Galentine's Day Party Ideas Your Girls Will Absolutely Obsess Over
  1. Get excited about a theme. ...
  2. Arrange your own flowers.
  3. Make fondue.
  4. Plan a "my favorite things" product swap. ...
  5. Pick a signature co*cktail.
  6. Invest in (themed, duh) balloons.
  7. Make personalized goodie bags.
  8. Host an at-home mani-pedi night.
Feb 9, 2024

How many people should you have at a sleepover? ›

Typically, sleepovers have around 2-8 guests, but it depends on what you're going for.

How do you make an epic sleepover? ›

Plan activities that are fun, engaging, and exciting for the children to participate in. This can include party games, crafts, video games, and more. Don't forget to make sure none of your guests have any food allergies. You'll need to plan out dinner, drinks, and some late-night snacks that everyone can indulge in.

What are the rules for Galentines day? ›

Grown out of the success of Galentine's Day to include everybody, there are no rules or particular customs, it's just a day to appreciate platonic love and the friends in your life by spending time together and doing things you like.

How to host a Galentines day party? ›

You and your gal pals can choose a theme for the event and dress up. Possible ideas you can consider include Hollywood glam, masquerade, or an all-red/pink theme, to name a few. Additionally, you can set up your own fun decorations at the table or check in with the venue and discuss the possibilities they offer.

What are the rules of Galentine's? ›

There are no strict rules when it comes to Galentine's Day festivities. Some choose to go the original path that is based on the television show. This consists of eating breakfast, sharing Valentine's Day goodies, exchanging gifts and an overall celebration of female friendship.

What is the best age for sleepovers? ›

Dr Coulson said there is no set age or statistic to suggest how old your child should be before they can go to a sleepover, but he recommends at least eight-years-old. "But preferably 10 or 12 - the older your children are, the less likely they are to get into trouble," he said.

What age do sleepovers stop? ›

There is no age limit for sleepovers. Especially when there's a friend coming from far away or even out of state, that could be considered a sleepover. Where else would the friend stay otherwise? The activities may change over time, especially as they get older.

What age is OK for a sleepover? ›

There are no hard and fast rules about the right age for sleepovers: some 6-year-olds might be ready to sleep away from home, and some 11-year-olds might not be. So parents need to assess each opportunity individually.

What color do you wear on Galentines day? ›

A pink and red printed dress is the perfect choice for a Galentine's Day celebration. The playful combination of pink and red is both feminine and fun, making it the perfect choice for a day spent with your besties.

What is the dress code for Galentine's day? ›

And whether you decide to host a cozy V-Day party for your friends at your home or plan a night out, you'll need something to wear. There's obviously no strict dress code for Galentine's Day— it's all about however dressed up or casual your friends want it to be.

What is the color for Galentines day? ›

You can never go wrong wearing a dress on Valentine's Day. Red is definitely the go to color for this day of love.

What to do at a sleepover 13? ›

14 Fun Activities for a Sleepover for Teenagers
  • 1 Plan for a marathon (the movie kind).
  • 2 Get crafty.
  • 3 Get a crowd-pleasing game going.
  • 4 Play a nighttime game outside.
  • 5 Sleuth your way through a scavenger hunt.
  • 6 Host a murder mystery party guests will be dying to attend.

How can a 12 year old have a good sleepover? ›

I'm a 12-year-old and these are what I usually do at sleepovers!
  • (in the mornings) Make pancakes and decorate them with whipped cream, different types of syrups, chocolate chips, etc.
  • Pull an all-nighter.
  • watch scary movies (conjuring, nightmare on elm street, etc)
  • play games in the dark.
  • Do make-up challenges.
Nov 7, 2018

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