Top 20 Christmas Gifts for Active and Older Loved Ones (2024)

Santa's sleigh is on its way, so what will it hold for your loved ones this year? If you have an independent older adult in your life, you might be wondering what to give them since it seems they have everything they need. Here are 20 Christmas gifts that are sure to please your parent, grandparent, or adult child when they gather around the tree.

These Christmas gifts are both practical and enjoyable, so gift receipts aren't even required! Happy holiday shopping!

20 Ideas for Christmas Gifts to Give to Your Loved One this Year

  1. A Gift That Keeps Giving

What's better than one gift? A gift that keeps giving once the holidays are done! Consider a magazine subscription, a wine of the month club, or an ice cream of the month club for your favorite foodie. Nature lovers will enjoy fresh greenery from a plant of the month club to liven up their space during winter. Subscriptions are an excellent way to remind your loved ones that you're thinking of them throughout the year. These Christmas gifts can suit different budgets, with 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month options.

  1. A Trip with You

Time spent with you is the best gift of all, especially for adults who love to travel. The trip doesn't have to be extravagant, simply invite them to your beach trip, a weekend in the mountains, or even a day trip for a picnic on a nature trail. If airfare is in your budget, consider a plane ticket to a destination they've always dreamed of. If they're retired, you can choose a travel date that's less popular to make the trip extra affordable. While they'll love the vacation, they'll love that you want to spend time with them even more!

  1. Skid-Resistant Slippers

Cold feet are no fun, and as we age, circulation is less efficient, so chilly extremities are common. But nothing ruins a cozy pair of slippers like slipping down the stairs in them! Grab a plush pair of foot warmers that provide good traction for your loved ones. An added bonus of skid-proof slippers? They can check the mailbox for Christmas cards or dash to the store to grab eggnog without changing their shoes!

  1. A Docking Station

Christmas is a busy time of year, increasing the odds of misplacing your keys, phone, wallet, or glasses, right when you need them the most. A docking station stores all of their necessities and keeps them charged for the holidays. If you manage to coax everyone into a family photo, you don't want to find that your phone battery is dead. This handy docking station prevents that frantic search for accessories.

  1. State-of-the-Art Hearing Aids

These Christmas gifts might not be a great idea if your loved one doesn't already wear hearing aids, since they might find it insulting (although, it's important for everyone to have their hearing checked as they age. Studies show hearing loss impacts everything from dementia to mental health). However, if you have a hearing aid wearer in your family, they'll appreciate an upgrade to the newer devices with Bluetooth compatibility and apps that are fun to use. These can even be repaired remotely by their audiologist. Your loved one might not bother to buy these for themselves, so gift them with a fuller range of ways to enjoy life.

  1. Resistance Bands

Active adults appreciate tools to retain their strength. Resistance bands are great because they're easy to store or to pack in a suitcase, and they can be used while seated or standing. You can buy a set with different levels of resistance, so they can increase or decrease the intensity as needed. Just be sure to include a dozen of your famous Christmas cookies with the gift, since life is all about balance!

  1. A Self-Care Indulgence

Aging brings wisdom and a freeing sense of what matters in life. But it also comes with a few wrinkles, gray hairs, and aching muscles. So, give your friends and family Christmas gifts that will pamper them this season. A massage, facial, men's grooming session, or pedicure are always well received, and you'll get bonus points if you join them in the experience.

Top 20 Christmas Gifts for Active and Older Loved Ones (1)

  1. A Password Logbook

Ever wish you could enter a password and the website would say, "That's close enough."? It's tough to remember all your passwords, especially when many sites make you change them often. This handy logbook helps you choose memorable, yet secure passwords, and makes it easy to find them. There's also a notes section where your loved one can record other things that are tough to recall, like medicines, appointments, birthdays, and phone numbers. It's a great tool for them to hand to anyone who accompanies them to a doctor's appointment or medical procedure.

  1. Glowing Bird Chimes

Got a bird lover in your life? This unique glowing hummingbird wind chime will light up both their day and their night. Creating lovely sounds and scenes, it's a fun alternative to bird feeders and binoculars. When birds have flown south for the winter, they'll still have this reminder of the nests and chirping that return with spring. Best of all, it's solar-powered, so there's no need for batteries or an outlet nearby.

  1. A Doorbell Camera

If you know an active adult who lives alone, give them an extra sense of security with a doorbell camera. It will save them a trip from answering the door if it's just a solicitor, and let them know when there's a package to be retrieved. It also helps to know who's at the door if you're in your winter PJs and want to decide whether to throw on something else before answering the door!

  1. A Grabber

As we get older, grip strength isn't quite as powerful, making it tougher to open or grasp things. Waning flexibility and osteoporosis can also impact our reach and stature. A grabber is an essential tool for certain loved ones to easily navigate their day. Don't be surprised if the kids or grandkids swipe it though. It's also the most fun toy under the tree! Choose a foldable one like this reaching and grabbing tool, so they can take it wherever they go.

  1. A Puzzle

Puzzles are soothing, engaging, and rewarding, no matter your age. They're excellent for mental acuity and also a fun social hobby since you can easily chat while puzzling. Invite your loved one to do a puzzle swap with you once they've completed it. These Christmas gifts are an easy activity to do together over the holidays.

  1. A Tool Wristband

If you have a handyman in the family, they're likely in high demand. Give them this magnetic tool wristband to make their tasks a breeze. No need to carry a bulky bag around, this accessory keeps everything within reach. Maintaining a sense of usefulness is essential as we age. It's a gift you will love as well since they'll probably use it to fix something for you!

  1. A Cleaning Service

For most people, cleaning is a drag. As we age, it's even less pleasant, since kneeling, squatting, and bending over aren't always painless endeavors. Give your loved ones the gift of a cleaning crew to make their space sparkle for Christmas. Are you visiting them with your kids? Schedule it right after you leave! Any cookie crumbs Santa (or your little ones) leave behind will magically disappear!

  1. Interactive Games

Socializing is a big part of many active adults' lives. Give them an interactive game like Bunco, Corn Hole, or Croquet to engage with their friends and family. It's a great activity to enjoy with relatives during the holidays and for any social occasion.

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  1. A Life Story Template

It's never too early to start recording your life story. Sometimes it's tough enough to remember what day it is, so make sure your relatives record their favorite memories and funny stories for new generations to enjoy. There's something special about seeing a handwritten recipe, letter, or memory, so give them this book to preserve their legacy.

  1. A Zoo, Museum, or Park Membership

Does your friend or relative live near a beautiful zoo, park, or museum? They will love a membership to enjoy exhibits throughout the year. Baby animals in summer, cherry blossoms in spring, their favorite artist's installation... These are experiences they'll always remember that will also help them stay active. If you live nearby, sign up too and make memories together.

  1. An Ancestry Search

Stories of our ancestors are fun to hear, and it's exciting to learn more about our heritage. If you have a loved one that is curious about their ancestry, Christmas gifts from or might be right up their alley. Many of these services offer discounts during the holidays, so it's a great time to purchase this gift!

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  1. Nostalgic Mementos

What are the stories you hear over and over again from your loved one? Was it the time they won the state championship, or the time they visited the Grand Canyon, or the time they first tasted their grandma's blueberry pie? Give them Christmas gifts that capture that nostalgia. Frame a favorite recipe, give them apparel embroidered with their high school mascot, or give them a tiny replica of their favorite destination. Reminiscing is a valuable part of aging, so help them recall their adventures.

Do you want to learn more about how to celebrate and assist the independent older adult in your life this Christmas? Contact us to learn more about our services.

Top 20 Christmas Gifts for Active and Older Loved Ones (2024)
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