Super Bowl Party Printables (2024)

Use these game day party ideas and free Super Bowl printables to make hosting a Super Bowl party as easy as running the ball into the end zone with no defense!With Super Bowl printables for the Kansas City Chiefs, the San Fransisco 49ers, and just generic game day – there’s something for whoever you’re rooting for!

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Free Super Bowl Party Printables

When my team isn’t playing in the Super Bowl, I try to go neutral with my Super Bowl party ideas, but when my team (the Chiefs) are playing, I go all out with red and yellow of course!

So this year I’m sharing some Super Bowl printables that you can use to cheer on your team in their favorite colors! There is a set for the San Francisco 49ers and a set for the Chiefs!

And they’re all free to download at the bottom of this post! They’d be the perfect addition to some pepperoni rolls, football stadium cookies, and more!

2024 Super Bowl Printables

There are two different types of printables for each of the teams – little flags and little jerseys that can be used as food labels, cupcake toppers, etc.

The actual PDF file looks something like this – with top players from this year’s team! I also did a set of jerseys with food items on them and a set without so you can choose what you want to do!

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You can use these in a ton of different ways. Add them to flags and put them on top of cheddar pigs in a blanket or a dessert like cupcakes!

Super Bowl Party Printables (3)

And the flags? Those work great to add to straws, cupcakes (everything is good in cupcakes), or even just to stick in a bowl of buffalo chicken dip! I’m pretty sure they’re versatile enough you could use them in most things!

And don’t think I forgot the 49ers – they have their own set of printables too! They’re also red and yellow, just kidding – they’re red and gold, but I do think it’s funny that both teams are red this year. Kind of makes me want to have a Taylor Swift Super Bowl party.

Super Bowl Party Printables (5)

You can download all of the 2024 Super Bowl printables at the bottom of this post, along with the generic ones I used in my football party for kids below! It’s going to be a red Super Bowl indeed!

Super Bowl Party Printables (6)

Non-Team Specific Super Bowl Printables

Super Bowl is one of my favorite days of the year whether or not I actually like the teams playing!

These football party ideas would work for any football game during the game including a Super Bowl party!

Our party was entire families, but all of these ideas would work for just as adults too! They’re perfect for hosting your very own Super Bowl party, even if it’s just with your own family!

I always try to create some sort of big visual in the center of my party tables, and this table was no different. In the center, I created bleachers with cheering cupcakes by wrapping gift boxes (like these ones) in colored fabric.

Super Bowl Party Printables (7)

And that green box football field – that’s just white ribbon added to give the illusion of a football field. You can get the free printable cupcake picks in the printable set toward the bottom of this post.

Printables are a great way to add a pop of color and fun to any party table!


If you don’t like team specific or these bright color printables, I also have a set of generic football printables here that use footballs, football fields, and more that you can download!

Super Bowl Party Printables (8)

Super Bowl Party Food

Front and center on my table, I laid out some of our favorite party snacks including things like pizza roll ups, homemade Chex mix, buffalo chicken pinwheels, and more.

Parties are already a lot of work so the cooking shouldn’t be. I made some free printable food tags that look like jerseys you can download below to again add that pop of color and design!

I also included printables for three of America’s favorite Super Bowl eats – chili (this white chicken chili is the best!), dip (hello the best spinach artichoke dip), and garlic parmesan wings!

Super Bowl Party Printables (9)

I finished off the party table with a simple cake topped with cute foam hand toppers, a pyramid of pink wafer cookies, colored snack crackers, and Bugles that look like blow horns.

Everything on my table was simple, family-friendly, and delicious! And perfect for Super Bowl Sunday!

Super Bowl Party Printables (10)

Game Day Party Decorations

Instead of going with the traditional football decorations like I did in this football party and the million I’ve hosted before, I went with more pops of color and black and white to keep things simple and fun.

Behind the table, I hung up a piece of white butcher paper with a colored football play drawn on. Across the top, I added a go team banner that finished off the look. You can get the free printable banner with the printables below!

On the table itself, I went with a variety of football icons – foam hands, football players, cheerleader pom poms, go team flags, jerseys, and more. I love how the printables really brought everything together in the design!

Super Bowl Party Printables (11)


More Super Bowl Party Printables

If you like these free Super Bowl printables, make sure to check out these fun printable games!

  • Super Bowl commercial bingo – bingo game designed specifically for this year’s game using this year’s commercials!
  • Super Bowl guessing game – a great game for anyone whether you know football or not!
  • Super Bowl trivia game – trivia questions about past Super Bowl games!
  • Super Bowl squares – one of the most fun games that requires no Super Bowl knowledge at all!
  • Football party games – more Super Bowl games for the entire family!

Get the Free Super Bowl Party Printables

Enter your first name and email address below to get the free printables. These printables are all updated and ready to go for the 2024 Super Bowl between the Chiefs and 49ers!

The printable will come with:

  • Five pages of Chiefs printables – two pages with jerseys with popular food names, two pages with blank jerseys, and one page with Go Chiefs flags.
  • Five pages of 49ers printables – two pages with jerseys with popular food names, two pages with blank jerseys, and one page with Go 49ers flags.
  • One page of the printables in the colors shown in this post
  • A two page “Go Team” banner in the black and white + green shown in this post

Once you fill out the form, you’ll be immediately taken to the PDF to download and receive a copy to your email shortly after.

If you can’t see the form below, click here to get to the form to enter your info.

Super Bowl Party Printables (12)
Super Bowl Party Printables (2024)
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